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Capitol Roundtable Luncheons

CCBSA's Capitol Roundtable Luncheons are designed to provide CCBSA members with an informal setting in which to engage key members of the Capitol community, including, but not limited to elected officials, senior staff, leadership staff, lobbyists and community advocates. These opportunities provide a conversational atmosphere where CCBSA members can learn and share with each other and luncheon guests.

Professional Development Workshops

CCBSA provides professional development seminars and interactive events that enhance the skill level and employability of our members. Activities include, but are not limited to workshops on resume writing, communication, improving writing skills and public speaking.

Industry 101

Industry 101 briefings and tours are designed to increase knowledge about how California’s industries work. These activities give CCBSA members the opportunity to learn about specific industries outside of the context of a specific legislative proposal to provide a deeper understanding of the way in which specific industries work and the ways in which they contribute to California’s economy. The goal is to educate as a means increase staff’s knowledge of complex policy issues and expose staff to industries that provide jobs and contribute to the economic wellbeing of California’s economy.

CCBSA Youth Partnerships

CCBSA partners with and provides support to civic educational organizations and programs that serve youth and provide programming that is related to government and the legislative process. Priority is given to organizations that are organized and or run by legislative staffers.

Need more details? Contact us

CCBSA seeks to provide a supportive environment for the Black Capitol community. Contact us by phone, email or via Facebook.

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